This is a mixture of different projects that I have been up to during school and my free time. If you would like to hear some more about a specific project, just get in touch!
Interaction design, UX design, UI design, Typography, Illustration, Animation, Print layout
Freelance project
This is a project I've been up to during my spare time. So far in this project I have made the Save the date-cards and a design for a wax seal stamp. During first half of 2024 I will continue making the invitations, menus, and textile patches.
YEAR: 2023-current  TEAM: Individual work  DELIVERABLES: Ready for print wedding invitations, textile patches, wax seal stamp   TOOLS: Pen & Paper, Procreate, Illustrator, InDesign
Freelance project
This is a project I've been up to during my spare time. During this project I have created save the date-cards, wedding invitations, menus, name cards, and thank you-cards that have all been printed. As their wedding had to be postponed due to Covid, I also made digital invitations and a digital schedule.
YEAR: 2021-2022  TEAM: Individual work  DELIVERABLES: Ready for print wedding invitations   TOOLS: Pen & Paper, Adobe Scan, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
School project
A short project of one week that I did in the course Designing User Experience, where I could choose to create a critical, speculative or embodied design.
Critical Mario is a prototype of a critical game, made to criticize the environmental impacts of the clothing industry. It is based on Super Mario Bros, using the same game-logic and environment, but in this game you are collecting clothes and other things that gives you satisfaction. The environment goes darker for each time you collect new clothing, but there is a way to make conscious choices and win the game while still keeping the environment healthy.
YEAR: 2020  TEAM: Individual work  DELIVERABLES: Interactive Critical design  TOOLS: Adobe XD
School project
This LP cover was made in the course Graphic Tools. My task was to read the lyrics of a song, read about the band and convey my interpretation of the band in a LP cover. This design was featured on the course page!
YEAR: 2020  TEAM: Individual work  DELIVERABLES: Interpretation of the band Onmoonon & LP Cover  TOOLS: Pen & Paper, Photoshop, InDesign
School project
The purpose of this project was to make natural science interesting and relevant for young adults. The project should inspire them to learn more about science and lead them into research in a fun & interactive way. It is a collaboration together with ’Digitala Universeum’ with the aim to contribute to their site with a wide range of new concepts and prototypes for learning environments, where users can explore science through tracking and measuring themselves.
Pulse Race is a gamified information visualization where you can play as a single player or two players. You are a character and the mission is to collect points. Each player has its own character which leaves traces behind it, forming a graph of the users heart rate (bpm). When the game is finished the result is presented and the users can learn & discuss about their statistics.
Check out the project webpage to see some more!
YEAR: 2020  TEAM: Me, Sofia Larsson, Pauline Mattsson, Maja Albrektson, Daniel Duvanå, Carl Lundborg  DELIVERABLES: Interactive Quantified Self   TOOLS: Pen & Paper, Polar-OH pulse band, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Unity.
School project
This prototype was made in the course Graphic Webdesign. The task was to create a personal travel guide with layout for both mobile and desktop.
YEAR: 2021 TEAM: Individual work  DELIVERABLES: Interactive prototype in phone and desktop-view  TOOLS: Pen & Paper, Adobe XD
School project
This animation was made in the course Expression with 2D Animation. This little Sith warrior was created in Illustrator based on the requirements of having a tail, a helmet and a weapon. 5 different action states were animated in Adobe Animate - idle, run, jump, hurt and attack. Using unity, the five states were mapped to the keyboard, letting the user control the Sith warrior.
YEAR: 2020  DELIVERABLES: Character concept and setup, Character animation  TEAM: Individual work  TOOLS: Paper & Pen, Illustrator, Animate, Unity
School project
The task for this project was to minimize classroom sound levels.
Shyyly is an interactive sound visualization, a 2D wall projection of ”shyyly”, an adorable character that are ’chilling’ around a wall- clock as part of the classroom, but crouch and hide when sound levels exceed a certain threshold. The concept is a flexible and simple interactive model that uses the sound stimuli as input and converts the decibels to facial expressions and movements of the projected creatures.
The idea is that the kids will feel as if Shyyly is their school pet, have empathy for it and not wanting to scare it into hiding behind the clock, and thereby keeping the noise down.
YEAR: 2018  DELIVERABLES: Prototype  TEAM: Me, Sarah Flih, Elisavet Kaltsouni, Huong Nguyen, Xing Yan  TOOLS: Processing, Animate

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